Oriental Live! -dance workshop with live music

 Sat. 22.3.2014 at 1-3pm, Salohalli, Pormestarinkatu 5, Salo  

-Music is played by Duo Zorbas and Christer Hackman, workshop with dance teachers Mariam, Marion Christodoulou and Merja Haapanen

-For all levels

Come to dance with us and experience the special feeling of dancing to live music! Three different music instruments with three different dancing themes!

Course fee 25e, reservations Marion Christodoulou: 040 847 4684

Workshops available on request!

The Techniques Workshop includes working on pirouettes, coordination and small series of dance patterns. Egyptian style belly dance techniques are also rehearsed. In addition, the workshop can focus on dancing with a veil, a stick or a melaya.

The Choreography Workshop consists of studying the rhythms and the structure of Arabian music and learning a choreography made for an Egyptian baladi, estradi or a folk song.

The Body Control Workshop concentrates on relaxing, strengthening and stretching the muscles. The class includes light exercises from ballet’s ”barre à terre” repertoire.

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