“Arabian music, dance and singing are the most beautiful things in the world.”

Mariam started her dance studies at a young age in a ballet school. In 1994 she discovered oriental dance and ever since, she has thoroughly familiarized herself with different styles of Egyptian dancing: baladi, estradi and Mahmoud Reda technique. In addition, she has studied other dance forms of Middle East and also flamenco and Argentine tango.

Mariam has a soft feminine dancing style and she loves the Tarab music more than anything.

”When it is at it’s best, oriental dance is like beautiful poetry expressing the music and feelings.”

Mariam teaches dancing, does choreographies and performs as an artist at shows and parties. She also performs dance with live Arabian music. Mariam has graduated from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences as an art manager and she specialized in dance and theatre production managing. She has supplemented her studies at the Theatre Academy Helsinki.


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